Tourfilm Festival Statutes

The 52nd International Film Festival on Tourism Films - Tourfilm
Karlovy Vary, Oct. 4–5, 2019

I - Basic information

The main organizer of the Tourfilm Festival and the holder of the trade mark is the CzechTourism Authority – a publicly funded organization with the seat at Vinohradská 46, 120 41 Prague 2, Czech Republic.
Held since 1967, the Tourfilm Festival is the oldest international film festival in the world focused on travel themes. The festival is one of the 17 members of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (Comité International des Festivals du Film Touristique, CIFFT) that associates and helps to develop the most prestigious international festivals concentrating on audio-visual work in the tourism industry.
Since 2003, TourRegionFilm has been a part of the Festival as its regional section, focusing on the production of Czech travel-related films, spots and trailers.
The mission (aim) of the Festival is to provide an overview of current production and trends in audiovisual works in the area of tourism and travel. Within its competition screenings the Festival will present and give awards to the entered audiovisual works, which thanks to their content and high artistic level contribute to the development of not only foreign but also domestic tourism.
The Festival is run by the Organization Committee made up of representatives of CzechTourism and the implementer, contracted by CzechTourism for the organization of the Festival. 
The 52nd year of the Tourfilm Festival will take place in the prestigious premises of the Hotel Ambassador and the Grandhotel PUPP in Karlovy Vary on Oct. 4–5, 2019.
Entries of spots and films come mostly from national and regional tourist authorities, representatives of regions, municipalities, tourism operators and companies, as well as the creators or makers of the works. The competition accepts non-fiction and documentary television films aimed at tourism, travel series, websites and mobile applications used for popularising tourism and active use of leisure time as well as for the promotion of commercial objectives in the travel industry, in particular in the following thematic areas:
  • Tourist destinations
  • Cultural tourism
  • Sports and outdoor activities
  • Expeditions and travel
  • Innovative destinations
  • Nature and culture of specific sites
II - Festival Programme
The programme of the Tourfilm Festival in particular consists of competitions of audiovisual works in the following categories:
TourRegionFilm –  National Section of the Festival:
  • Promo spot with the theme of travel (up to 10 minutes)
  • Documentary films with the theme of travel (including TV and online programs)
  • Non-professional short film or "vlog" with the theme of travel (up to 60 minutes, destination is not limited)
  • Websites and applications with the theme of travel
Tourfilm - International Section of the Festival:
  • Promo spot with the theme of travel up to 3 minutes
  • Promo spot with the theme of travel longer than 3 minutes
  • Documentary films with the theme of travel (including TV and online programs)
  • Non-professional short film or "vlog" with the theme of travel (up to 60 minutes)
In addition, the Festival programme includes: 
  • Screenings of the entered films and spots, presentations of mobile applications
  • Seminars/workshops, discussions and exchange of experiences among experts in tourism, as well as filmmakers and journalists
  • Supporting, specialist, social and cultural events  

III - Registration of Entries, Fees, Technical Parameters
It is possible to enter in the competition only works produced after January 1, 2016 which have not been screened and/or won awards in previous Festival years.
Entries can be registered via an online form, available on the official Festival website at (, where all boxes must be filled in and simultaneously it is necessary to provide an active link to the film or website to be registered.
No fees are charged for the registration of films for the competition. The entry deadline is July 31, 2019. By August 15, 2019 a Festival Selection Committee will have chosen the films to be included in the competition for prizes.
Should the form contain errors or inaccuracies, the entrant will be notified and may be asked to register the film once again. It will be possible to deliver the film by post on a DVD or memory stick in standard computer formats. All the submitted materials will remain in the Festival archive.
Films sent for pre-selection are to be in the original language: - without subtitles in the case that the original language is Czech or English, - with English or Czech subtitles if the original language is other than English or Czech.
If a film is selected for the competition, the entrant is required to submit a copy of the film at the maximum quality (HD, DCP, BR, ...) by August 31, 2019.  Similarly, in the event of a film having been selected for the competition, the entrant is obliged to send a dialogue list for the film in English language, and a film synopsis, information about the director/ filmmaker in English, photos and other promotional materials, unless he has already done so during the registration for the competition.
The screening copies of all selected films, not in English or Czech language, must be provided with English subtitles, which is the responsibility of the participant. If the film language is other than Czech, Czech electronic subtitles will be displayed during the screening; their production and projection is to be arranged by the Festival.
The costs associated with the transportation of films, preview DVDs, promotional materials and insurance taken out in the country of origin are the responsibility of the entrant, unless agreed otherwise. The Festival shall bear no liability for any damages to the items occurred during the delivery. The Festival reserves the right to turn down a film not meeting the content and technical quality conditions of the Festival.
In the case of loss of or damage to the copy during the Festival, the Festival shall be liable solely for the costs associated with the production of a new copy subject to the current price list of standard copy production.

IV - Juries
Films for the main festival competition are to be selected by the Festival Selection Committee headed by the Festival Programme Director. Subsequently, this Committee is also to propose the programme schedule, including the order of screening of the selected competition films. The international juries of both of the competition sections will be composed of prominent personalities of film production (such as filmmakers and producers), marketing specialists of national tourist authorities and online marketing experts. Persons participating in the creation of any of the films or spots presented in a competition section cannot be appointed jury members for that competition. The Festival Programme Director, Programme Coordinator or their deputies may participate in meetings of the juries, but cannot cast votes. These juries are to decide about individual festival prizes.

V - Festival Prizes
Statutory Prizes
The Festival's statutory prizes are awarded by the international jury. In each category one main prize and two honourable mentions are awarded.
Non-statutory Prizes
The Festival's non-statutory prizes are awarded by the town of Karlovy Vary and the Karlovy Vary Region.
Grand Prix
The Grand Prix is awarded by the international jury regardless of the category.
VI - Final Arrangements
The organizer undertakes to show the entries only within the Festival, or its later official programmes. By submitting an entry for the competition, the entrant gives his consent to the Festival organizer providing trailers and photos from the entered films free of charge within the Festival promotion to any TV or radio station in the Czech Republic, internal festival TV or presenting them on the Internet and in printed materials.
The official languages of the Festival are Czech and English.
By submitting an entry for participation in the Festival, the participant expresses his consent to these Statutes.

VII - Personal Data Processing
By registering a movie on the website, the registrant gives the personal data controller, Česká centrála cestovního ruchu (the Czech Tourism authority), allowance organization with the registered office at Vinohradská 46, 120 41, Prague 2, Registered ID No. 49277600  (hereinafter the “Data Controller”), an actual right to process private information provided by the user in accordance with the Regulation 2016/679 as of 27 April 2016 of the European Parliament and of the European Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC as of 25 May 2018 (General Data Protection Regulation, the “GDPR”) and, if applicable, with the relevant national laws governing the protection of personal data (the GDPR and the relevant national laws will be hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Relevant Legislation”) in order to allow the registrant to register the movie for a competition in the Tourfilm festival.

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