Jury 2017



Martin Štoll

Czech director, screenwriter, cinematographer and documentary filmmaker, film and media theorist, educator and publisher, graduate of FAMU. He taught here (1997–2003) and then worked as a playwright (or leading dramatist) of the Center for Journalism and Documentary Studies on Czech Television (1999–2008). He also worked at the Literary Academy (Private College of Josef Škvorecký) in Prague, where he was in charge of Media and Media Production and held various positions (Vice-rector 2006–2010, Rector 2010–2013). He was appointed at the Faculty of Film and Television at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (2007), where he also taught at the Studio of Documentary Production. On May 18, 2017, he was appointed Professor of Film Arts and Multimedia by President Andrej Kiska in Bratislava.He has been a member of juries of international festivals and national festivals, he founded with Jiří Flídre the festival of documentary films with social affairs NADOTEK Ústí nad Orlicí, where he was program director (2001–2012). He represented the Czech Republic at many professional symposia, conferences (European Quality TV) and festivals.


Stjepan Klein

The first one of two fellows crew that has met at New York Film Academy. They have been performing for nearly 18 years around the world. Over the entire period of their performance they have been awarded countless prizes and awards. Among others, they have won the main prize in Cannes 2007, as well as at festivals in Buenos Aires, San Sebastian or London Advertising Festival. Beside commercials they have been producing documentaries and short films.


Georges Pessis

For 30 years, I was producing and directing about 200 documentary films for organisations like the United Nations, CERN, the World Council of Churches, several Ministries (Labour, Foreign Affairs, Tourism), museums and universities as well as corporations like Nestle, Renault, Total, Pirelli, Sanofi etc..
For these films, I was fortunate to work with actors like Ingrid Bergman, Yul Brynner, Jean-Pierre Aumont, or Fernando Rey, musicians like Keith Jarret, Ivry Gitlis or Martial Solal, scientists like Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg and Louis de Broglie. The 70’s and the 80’s were golden years for such films.
In the meantime, I gave lectures, taught production and direction of corporate films and wrote several books on their history and their meaning.
For the last 15 years, I directed a corporate film festival in Le Creusot during 10 years and, since 2010, I preside over the “Deauville Green Awards”, an international festival of documentaries, videos, commercials and tv programs dedicated to the environment and sustainable development (www.deauvillegreenawards.com)


Hugo Marcos

Hugo has a degree in Tourism, Heritage and Development, Tourism Trainer, Organization and Event Management Trainer and Spanish Language Trainer. He was born in Miranda do Douro, and it was in this small city in the northeast of Portugal that he aroused his interest in the Organization of Events and Tourism. He arrived at ART&TUR Festival in its first edition in 2008. In 2010, he took on the Vice-presidency of APTUR. In 2014, he assumed the Direction of ART&TUR, reaching general management, in partnership with Francisco Dias.He has played roles as a jury member in several festivals: International Nature Tourism Film Festival – CINEXTUR (2012, Spain), Tourfilm Riga (2014, 2015 e 2016, Latvia), Zagreb Tourfilm Festival (Croatia, 2014), Deauville Green Awards (France, 2015), FILMAT – Film Art & Tourism Festival (Poland, 2015), Colors of Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia 2015) and has represented the ART&TUR Festival in international fairs. In 2014 assumed the functions of Executive Director in the latest APTUR project, CINETROFA – International Festival of Cinema and Literature of Trofa. Researcher at Favorite Destinations Survey, the Tower of Babel platform aims to investigate favorite destinations around the world. His communicative character and entrepreneurship are characteristics that mark his personality and allow to establish international contacts of high relevance to his functions in the in APTUR and its projects.


Jeanne Glass

Jeanne Glass was born in the United States, and studied in France thanks to a Fulbright fellowship.
After the family spent several years in French West Africa, Jeanne worked for 20 years as a teacher of film studies in France, in a lycée in Salon de Provence, where she founded the film studies program leading to a baccalaureate diploma. Several student films won prizes, and became the object of interest for national TV and articles in such media as “Express” magazine or the newspaper “Le Monde”.
Since retirement, she has continued to teach film and help make non-professional short films in Salon de Provence, France, at the municipal Youth and Cultural Center. She was President of the Mediterranean Cinema Union for 15 years, and, as such, member of the Board of Administration of the French Cinema and Video Federation in Paris.
She has directed short fictional films and documentaries; her most recent documentary about the French resistance was selected by the French National Library for their archives.She has conducted seminars on jury training, and taught film appreciation courses; her work with young film enthusiasts has resulted in many students becoming film makers themselves, working in national French television, shooting their own films or simply doing their hobby in film making for non-professional short film festivals and contests.
Vice-President of the International Union of Cinema, affiliated with Unesco (UNICA), Jeanne has served many times as jury president in French, European and International film festivals. She hopes to help create links between national federations, the members of UNICA, and to promote understanding of the diversity of cultures among international non-professional film makers.

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