The 49th International
Tourism Film Festival


Oct 6-8, 2016 Karlovy Vary

This year the 49th Tourfilm Festival, organised by CzechTourism – the Czech Tourism Authority, will once again give awards to the best promotional spots and documentary films that contribute to the development of international tourism.



Akvizice soutěžních snímků Tourfilmu končí za 14 dní! Online akvizice soutěžních snímků pro letošní 49. ročník ...


The online call for competition films for this year’s 49th edition of the Tourfilm festival has been launched ...


It has been more than four months since the end of the last edition of Tourfilm, and therefore it is time to o ...



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About the Festival

The Tourfilm Festival is the world’s oldest international film festival aimed at tourism issues. It has been held since 1967 and its mission is to present and give awards to documentary and promotional films and spots, which owing to their content...


Festival partners

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